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13th Feb2014

2014 Season

Well gents, it’s pretty obvious that I have failed at trying to keep the site up to date! We mainly keep up to date on Facebook, so...

09th Apr2013
ANS logo 1

Update on sponsorships

Update on the sponsors, we are officially sponsored by ANSgear.com, Valken paintball, Animal Customs, and Empire. A team order will be placed in mid May, as of...

26th Mar2013
steeltown paintball

Opening Game at Steel Town Paintball

The first game will be held at Steel Town Paintball Park in Emsworth, PA. This will kick off the 2013 season for the Zombies as well as...

23rd Mar2013

Mobile-Desktop Site Now Functional

21st Mar2013

Mobile version of the site is still being smoothed out, please use the desktop version.

20th Mar2013
aaron profile

Player profiles

I’ve started to publish the “Meet us” section of the site, the plan is to include a picture, brief profile, list of past events, and a gear...

20th Mar2013
zombies tee

Welcome to the new home of Pittsburgh Zombies!!

Well, it took long enough, but we finally have a home!!! Keep up to date on upcoming events and information from sponsors! -Dave